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Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 10.58.23 PMFacebook is constantly changing the rules to advertising and it can become a full time job for you to not only keep up to date on the best strategies but it can also be overwhelming on what works and doesn’t work, where to target, who to target, etc. And then what graphics work in what market, when to use images, video and other content in your ads.  

Have you ever wondered why those sponsored ads are in your feed everyday?  How did these businesses reach you?  They specifically targeted you and can you think of how many you see on a daily basis.  How many do you click on?  What sets them apart from all the other ads?  Well this is what you want to accomplish in your business.

Coming up with a strategy and budget for advertising is essential for any business. It is hard to know what ads work for the consumer.  It is hard to know what type of ad, graphics and wording is going to work on the consumer who is constantly getting exposed to so many advertisements on facebook.   You want something that is going to grab someone’s attention in a few seconds.  We are all under time constraints and clever ads is going to be what gains you business.

We understand that some would like to learn about how all of this plays a role in your business.  We offer one-on-one training to provide support and recommendations to help you get the most out of your presence.  

Even for the people out there that know a little bit about what they are doing we can take you to the next level.  Everyone is shopping and looking on facebook and it has become a competitive market as most businesses have caught on.

Yes, it can take some time to get to know all of its features so we can take this on together. Facebook still is growing at a rapid pace, and every day and advertising prices are rising so the sooner you start the less out of pocket you will have in the beginning.

If Facebook is not a current part of your marketing campaign, it needs to be.  We can help at all different levels.  

What we can do is access where you are in the facebook world and come up with a plan or strategy that will best suit your needs, budget and business.  Whether you just need a little coaching or you want to be fully hands off we can accomplish what you want.  

With over 1.49 billion monthly active users and over 900 million of those logging in every day, it is clear that businesses don’t have a choice if they want to be seen.

Our social media advertising services help you generate  results on social media. We connect your products or services to thousands of people who may be interested in them. We also have the experience to be able to analyze the stats on your business as we grow your facebook page to see what works and what your consumers really enjoy. Our social media advertising services are….

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