Subconscious Marketing

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 11.11.54 PMWhen you try and think of what companies out there that you know just by color or a photo or logo that is branding.  It takes creativity to create an identity that has a clear message, a unique voice and to grow and stand out from your competition. You want to be remembered.

A brand identity is much more than just a logo and color palette; it’s what sets an organization, person, product or service apart. You need us to help you be smart about your message and your graphics. It is the story you are telling to others so they can understand what you are representing.

The first step to branding your real estate business is to think about what makes your agency unique. To start things off, ask yourself these questions:

With so many agents out there ask yourself why you and how do you separate yourself from the next agent?  Who is your ideal client?  What is your market?  Be specific in what you want to go after so we can narrow down our potential customers.

How do you discover your brand?  Real estate branding isn’t just about your business. It’s always about YOU as an individual – what makes you unique, and what makes customers drawn to working with you. Be careful not to completely brand to your agency but to who you are individually.

Here are important things to think about to start thinking about how you may want to brand yourself.

#1 Local Knowledge

Nobody dislikes an agent that’s knowledgeable about neighborhoods and local geography. While all realtors should present themselves as local experts, some can take this even further and make it part of their brand image:

It is always impressive and comfortable if you as the realtor knows the area well, the schools, the local businesses that will help them settle into a new area.  This builds trust and confidence.

#2 Life Stage

In addition to local knowledge, clients want to work with agents who will understand their priorities: Recent grads, newlyweds, parents, empty-nesters, and retirees all have different needs when it comes to their living situations. As such, they’ll be drawn to agents who share/understand their life stage.

Branding yourself as the best realtor for empty-nesters looking to slim down, or young couples looking for urban condos can be easy way to stand out. On the flipside, it does limit you to a certain market. Some agents, however, get around this by teaming up with others in different age groups. This helps you cover a wider market, while still being authentic with your branding.

#3 Home/Location Specialty

Do you specialize in new built homes, a certain neighborhood, a specific builder. Are you more knowledgeable with horse farms or lake homes or golf course homes. What about if you have special knowledge on retirement communities, etc.  Think about where your strength and knowledge are and relay that in your story and brand.

#4 Hobbies

How can you relate to your clients and connect with them with similar hobbies? Always talk about your interests.  It will catch a potential client that can relate to your interests and grab their attention to feel more comfortable to contact you for their real estate needs.

#5 Lifestyle / Culture

You want to brand in a way that expresses who you are and give a vibe to your clients of trust.

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