In Case You Missed It…..Jan 12th

In Case You Missed It…..Jan 12th

Here is a regular reminder of things that went on last week that you may or may not have heard about. Just about everything is fair game, but I mostly concentrate on business and marketing related articles, materials and interesting nuggets. I also add my own take on it so that you can quickly determine if you want to read it.

Enjoy and feel free to share.

My Take: A quick video on the power of appealing to the personal likes and loves of a client. How a strong, thoughtful gesture can lead to more business. Plus, there is a great punchline at the end. “INTENT AND EFFORT.”

[INFOGRAPHIC] How much time do people REALLY spend on Social Media? | SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER
My Take: You people are spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on your social. OK, maybe I am too. No, I definitely am. This infographic will give you a good idea of where people spend most of their time.

6 Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Audience Engagement | SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY
My Take: Everyone wants to know how to increase their reach using Instagram. Here is a good article on getting started.

STAT OF THE WEEK: Some predict the ad spend on social media in 2017 will be $36 Billion. BILLION.


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